The Honest Truth About Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Most WordPress users tend to use shared web hosting for their hosting option. Yet despite it being the most popular option for users, most people do not realize what shared WordPress hosting is. That is why we want to offer you the unbiased truth behind shared WordPress web hosting and tell you a bit more about the advantages/disadvantages of shared web hosting.

What Is Shared WordPress Web Hosting?

Imagine having a large server, and this large server caters to multiple websites. As a result of sharing, it means that you get affordable rates and almost all of these websites get the same service. When it comes to web hosting, this is undoubtedly the most economical option. If you consider that a dedicated web server might start at around $150 per month and can cost you thousands of dollars each month, you might start to realize that paying between $3.95 per month to $9.95 per month for shared web hosting is a steal.

Sounds Good – What Is The Catch?

The marketing efforts are one of the biggest catches for most shared hosting companies. They tend to offer unlimited everything; unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, you name it. If you have been around the block, you know that this type of offer is often nothing more than hyperbole.
This is why shared web hosting is often a good idea for smaller websites, which includes smaller businesses, new bloggers, etc. Shared hosting is not really an option if each site on the server is going to use up its quota. However, it tends to work out nicely, because very few companies actually use their entire quota. Long story short, shared hosting is often the best, most economical option for people who are just starting out.

What Happens When I Go Over?

It is important to note that most hosting companies are not going to ask you to stop using up bandwidth if you go over your allotted amount – they might just suspend your account and they proceed to email you. This is why you only want to work with shared hosting companies that have a reputation for being trustworthy and customer friendly. This is just one of the reasons that you only want to work with companies that have a solid reputation.

Disadvantages of Shared WordPress Web Hosting

  • You might have relatively slower server response times when compared to dedicated servers.
  • Overselling can become a huge issue if companies become greedy. This can lead to slow server response times and regular downtime.

Advantages of Shared WordPress Web Hosting

  • Most of the good hosting companies offer different services, this means that you can continue to grow without issue if your site gets more popular.
  • Competition in the marketplace is good for your wallet, and for technology. Most of the shared WordPress options now come with admin panels such as Fantastico or cPanel
  • Cost-effectiveness is a major factor for shared hosting. Because thousands of websites are sharing the same server, it means that the overall hosting fee is going to be more affordable.

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